JADE Window Cleaning & Support Services for Residential properties

JADE WCSS supplies professional, safe, and cost-effective cleaning solutions for the outside of your property.

Window Cleaning

We offer customers window cleaning, usually via our pure water-fed pole system, to provide a cost-effective service that leaves a professional, streak-free finish.

The telescopic pole system means we don’t have to use ladders to access upper floor windows, eliminating that unexpected face at the bedroom window!

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JADE Gutter-Cleaning-winner02

Gutter Clearing

Leaves, moss, sludge, and other fallout can build up in gutters and cause an overflow of rainwater which can lead to damage to your property.

Without ladders or scaffolding, we can clear your gutters from ground level with the very latest SkyVac equipment – and you can even see the work we’re doing through our WiFi Camera system!

Pressure Washing

Are your external surface areas in need of a good clean?

We offer a highly-efficient pressure washing service improving the appearance of paths, patios, decking, and driveways, removing dirt and mildew that make them slippery and keeping them safe to walk on.

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