JADE Window Cleaning & Support Services provides commercial window cleaning throughout London and the South East, as well as Residential Window Cleaning to properties in South East London.

Our methods include traditional by hand and water-fed pole for properties with windows up to 65 feet high, or 19.81 metres. For properties beyond that or with hard-to-reach areas, we use cherry pickers or our fully-qualified rope-access team. That’s why our tagline is ‘Don’t worry about the height; we’ll get it right!’

Each method has its place and each has its benefits.

By Hand

When we’re doing the internal windows of a building, it makes sense to clean them by hand. There’s not enough room to wield a water-fed pole usually! Additionally, our rope access teams clean external windows by hand as they make their way down the outside of the building.

Water-fed pole

In the old days, a window cleaner needed a ladder to do windows above ground floor. Ladders are inherently dangerous and unstable, posing an accident threat to the operator. They’re also notoriously bad for flower beds and associated plants which usually end up getting squished! Then there are the dents and pits they put into lawns especially after rainy periods. Gardeners and home owners alike have historically waited for their window cleaner with a mixture of excited anticipation (who doesn’t like to be able to see out of their windows!) and trepidation for the ensuring destruction to carefully tended grass and bedding plants!

Using a water-fed pole system means your window cleaner can now get your windows cleaned without having to stick a ladder on your property. It’s faster too, because they don’t have to keep moving up and down the ladder, moving it to reach the next part of the house. Our operatives now arrive, unroll their reel, extend their pole to the required height, and wash all traces of dirt, grime, and fallout away from your windows, doors and frames. Then, when they’re finished, the wind the hose back in again and say ‘cheerio’ until next time!

Cherry Pickers

Some buildings have design features that mean the water-fed pole system can’t reach, such as overhangs of balconies. In these instances, we use cherry pickers to raise our operatives to the height required so they can clean where required.

There are different types of cherry pickers available and which one is selected for the job will be dictated by the space around the job and how high they need to reach.

  • Articulating boom
  • Truck mounts
  • Spider platforms
  • Scissor lift

Each type requires the operator to be fully trained on how to deploy and use each platform to ensure they are stable and safe to use. All JADE WCSS operators have received training on the safe use of these platforms with their training being updated on a regular basis. So, don’t worry about the height of your building, or its configuration – we’ll find a way! And we can use cherry pickers for gutter clearing too, if the building is

Rope Access

For buildings over 65 feet (20 metres), we use our rope access technicians. All are licensed by the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), the globally recognised leading body for working at height using rope access methods. Our technicians are qualified to Level 3, which means that in addition to having passed all the necessary requirements for Levels 1 and 2, they must have 1000+ hours of experience working on ropes. They also are trained in advanced rescue techniques and each individual is, in their own right, qualified to supervise sites where rope access projects are required.

So, don’t worry about the height – we’ll get it right!